Fiesta brings the forest to you

Fiesta brings the forest to you

Leave your axe at home no axe! Tdot tree-shopping nirvana

The Fir

There's nostalgia in driving a few traffic-filled hours to a forest, finding the ideal tree and avoiding chopping off a limb while your family complains about their freezing feet.

Maybe this is the year to settle for a comfy stroll through Fiesta’s dreamy hanging tree lot.

Come see, touch, and smell the selection.


Warm your hands, hearts and bellies with a sweet cup of hot cocoa.
Toast your tootsies by our permanently popping pot-belly fireplace.

Surprise visits from

Jewels Under the Kilt!
Chocosol Traders!
Gay Lea
Milk n' Cookies!

Super Selection

Whether you’re after a Charlie Brown bush or a Cindy Lou Who tree, and whether you prioritize longevity, fragrance, safety or supporting your grandmother’s glass ornaments, we'll have you covered with 2'-12' sizes and 6 varieties of trees in stock!

Leave your
axe at home

Most Popular



I will keep your ornaments safe and I have a lovely pyramidal shape.

Mild scent

Upright and strong branches, best choice for big ornaments!

Super soft

Best choice for needle retention!

2 - 12ft range

Shades of silver and dark green




Natural Balsam


I will fill your home with fragrance (and drop a few fragrant needles)

Strongest classic Christmas tree fragrance

Bendy branches better for lighter decorations

Super soft

Second best needle retention (after Fraisers)

2 - 10ft range




I'm a beloved and popular classic.

Mild pine scent

Strong branches, handles big ornaments well!


Pretty good needle retention

4 - 9ft range

Green to Light-Green

Rocky Mountain


Beautifully symmetrical - I look gorgeous in any room.

Sweet fruity-resinous scent, particularly if crushed

Handles light to medium ornaments


Very good needle retention

6 - 8ft range

Striking blue needles



Fluffy and I know it- You won't be able to resist my soft needles

Almost no scent

Lighter decorations only

Extremely soft, great around kids & pets

Pretty good needle retention

5 - 9ft range

Light to Medium-Green



My lighter coloured needles make me stand out in a crowd.

Citrus-y scent

Upright but semi-flexible branches, good for light to medium ornaments


Solid needle retention, but not as good as the other firs

6 - 8ft range

Soft Blue

Xmas tree sales are on a first come, first served basis. We tend to sell out of some varieties and heights earlier than others.

(416) 537-1244

We’re kind of known for our tree lot experience, but you’re also welcome to order your tree by phone and have it delivered without coming if you can’t make it by.

On Call

Spend your energy making the right selection, we’ll handle the heavy lifting: We’ll Give you a fresh cut, wrap your tree (for a small donation) and we'll tie it to your car.

No reindeer

Extreme Service

Car Loading

Elves are on hand to support you with selection advice and to help you safely pack your car.


We’ll deliver your new fir-ey friend for $55 within the parameters on the map. Call us to calculate fees if you need a delivery in the broader GTA.


Want it installed? Trees under 10’ high cost $23. Taller than 10’ for $46.

We use Cinco brand tree stands. Period.
We've tried the rest and they're the best.

If you have a non-Cinco brand stand, we’ll still install your tree, but we can’t commit to completing your installation if there are any missing parts or we feel your stand is unsafe. Sorry! But we keep extra stands on the delivery truck and can add one to your order if necessary.

Fiesta brings the forest to you